Katutura Old Age Home


Home of Good Hope

This soup kitchen based in Katutura was started by a Canadian nurse in 2008. She sends money each month which provides breakfast for approximately 90 children. The lunch is provided through donations from a few Swedish nurses and this feeds 150 children and often they run out of food so the children fill up on bread. We have donated kitchen pots and pans as well as taking clothing when possible to the children. We have also started an initiative in June for a couple of the mothers of children to sew products which will be sold in the Craft centre.

Cancer Ward at the State Hospital

Windhoek Central Hospital’s Cancer Ward treats about 100 patients at a time, including both inpatients and outpatients. The Cancer Ward distributes donations of toiletries, clothes, soap powder, etc. throughout the year as patients come from distant locations for treatment and follow-up care. Because it is Namibia’s only public hospital that provides radiation and chemotherapy to cancer patients, Windhoek Central Hospital receives patients from all over the country, including from very rural, poor communities. Patients usually have to stay from several months at a time to receive treatment, and typically they cannot bring much in the way of personal items with them. For these reasons, there is great need for donations. Each November, the Cancer Ward hosts a special end-of-year function called Survivors’ Day where patients have fun, enjoy food and fellowship, and receive donated items.

Wake Up! Day Care Centre

In February 2010 the Wake Up! Day Care Centre in Otjomuise was officially opened. IWAN has been supporting this program on ad hoc basis–for example, providing Montessori teaching supplies.

Resource Centre After-School Program

The Resource Centre is an after school care for primary school children at Jakob Marengo Secondary School, Mungunda street in Katutura, Windhoek. It offers supplementary guidance to vulnerable and/or disadvantaged children from the local townships. This includes inter alia; guidance in homework, art, gardening and sports play, based on Education, Health Care and Life Skills. The Centre works in co-operation with NAWA (Namibian Women’s Association) and IWAN

Wisdom Pre-Primary and Day Care Centre

Albert and Kativa Ndara started this program to meet the growing need for day care services and early childhood education in the informal settlements of Katutura.Wisdom opened its doors in January 2013 and currently has 30 children enrolled, ages 3 – 6 and serves the Maxuilili neighborhood.The program is registered with the City of Windhoek and is currently in the process of gaining accreditation from the city and the Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare. To meet pre-primary centre standards, Wisdom still needs to install a dry toilet, fence off the centre’s boundaries, and provide paving stones under the centre’s shaded outdoor area. IWAN funded the construction of Wisdom’s structure and initial day care and academic supplies. Standard Bank graciously provided Wisdom with chairs and small tables. The Ndaras would like to provide one nutritious meal per day to the children. IWAN is providing a monthly stipend to purchase food. We would welcome additional donors to help with the centre’s infrastructe. You can view a video about the opening celebration of Wisdom Centre here: