Born Roswitha Biehler-Kroll, we all know and love her as bubbly, fun, outgoing, outspoken, Witta! Originally from Germany, Witta has lived in Namibia since 1989, first in Oshakati from 1989 – 1996, moving then to Windhoek, she is one of our long term IWAN ladies having been a member for around 10 years!

Witta met and married Tom, left Germany and traveled around the world for 16 months after he completed his studies in International Agriculture. She first lived in Bangladesh from 1985 – 1989 before she moved to Namibia. Her global adventures had a big impact on her & her outlook on life and she feels that it is important for all young people to leave their comfort zone and be exposed to an environment that is completely different from what they know. She also feels that to be exposed to other cultures and religions, broadens your views and makes you a more grown up person.

Witta now lives with Sidney and has two daughters, Anika (almost 21) and Anna (34) who has two daughters of her own – Alexa 10 and Abby 2. She has worked as a senior administration and finance office for a German NGO, namely GTZ German Technical Co-operation since 1995, but sneaks out to IWAN meetings when she can!

Witta loves reading, dancing, and playing Tennis, and she likes cooking for people who like to eat! (me ! me ! – Ed). In IWAN she enjoys meeting interesting women from around the globe, exchanging views on life, living abroad, sharing their experiences from other countries and exchanging recipes. Witta loves living in Namibia, but also could imagine herself in New Zealand –  perhaps those feet haven’t stopped itching