Tula, actually Zarantula, hails originally from Thessaloniki in Greece. She met her husband - Willi, in Germany and in 1972 they married. They have one daughter, Brigitte who recently married her long time partner and they have a daughter - Annamaria, so Tula is a grandmother!

Tula's life is very colourful. Her formative years were spent in Greece, but there being much political unrest in Greece around 1967/68, she was forced to follow her Father who left earlier. They met up in Germany. Tula's Mum, sister and brother stayed in Greece and joined them many years later . Tula has worked in Germany for quite a while. Her Husband decided to visit South Africa in '97 and then they bought a house in Namibia a few years later. Tula finally settled here in 2002.

Tula's loves entertaining and her garden. She likes to meet friends and interesting people. May your stay with us be a long and rewarding one !