Siobhan Passmore was born in Johannesburg quite some time ago to an Irish mom and a South African dad. Raised and educated in Jo’burg she stayed there all her life until she was rudely uprooted 2 years ago and transplanted to the harsh soils of Namibia where she has learnt to thrive and grow.

Siobhan’s professional background is as a lawyer with a specialisation in fiduciary and tax law, although her original interest lay in human rights and constitutional law. Married to Andrew (a chartered accountant) and mother of 5 year old Erin she became a mother at 36 and was very surprised (in a good way) to discover that it was the very best and most important thing she’s ever done!

She teaches Sunday School to the pre-schoolers at St. George’s Anglican Church in Windhoek and particularly enjoys getting as messy as she can during craft-time and making them say “Cooool” as often as possible !

During 2009 Siobhan started a Literacy Project for the teenagers at Jakob Marengo Secondary School and continues to teach and coordinate the volunteers.

Siobhan is passionate about education, fairness and equality, and enabling others to achieve their full potential. She loves reading and books, food, art, music and travel and is currently taking tennis lessons, learning the piano and getting back into gym. She has also just started pottery lessons – which is even messier than the Sunday School craft lessons ;-)

Any other time that she has (of which there is surprisingly little as a result of all the coffee dates she has in a week! ) scrapbooking and fooling around with paints and collage and Facebooking of course!

Her plans for 2010 include studying graphic design or a further legal specialisation but she hasn’t quite decided yet!

Siobhan loves that she has made some amazing friends in Windhoek through both the South African Group and IWAN, and she loves supporting IWAN’s work in the community in whatever way she can.