Simin Fani. Originally from Iran, Simin moved with her family to Namibia in January 1991 and so has seen many changes in this beautiful country. One of 9 children (4 brothers & 4 sisters!) she left Iran at 18 years old to go to study in India where she completed her Masters in Business Commerce, met her husband Massoud, and married him in India in October 1979. From India, Massouds work as an Engineering consultant took them to Zambia for 4 years and finally to Namibia where he is still a consultant to the Namibian Government.  Simin has 3 boys, Rayyan (27) who was born in India and has recently married a beautiful Ethiopian girl, Norbert, (21) who was born in Zambia and Fares (19) who was born in Zimbabwe and is the Namibian National Chess Champion! Simin previously held a position as a Lecturer at UNAM for 4 years in Economy and Management where she encouraged her students to be entrepreneurial. She decided that she really ought to set an example herself and opened her beautiful store at Bougain Villas selling Persian rugs and Kilims.

Simin has many interests including a wide variety of music, reading, dancing, traveling and through her beliefs and passion for the Bahai Faith she is very involved in a programme which aims to empower Junior Youth. The programme focuses on helping young people recognize their choices and responsibilities and helps to develop their moral character. This is done through methods such as Devotional gatherings and workshops where tutoring is done through song, games and role play, providing a powerful bond and encouraging a healthy respect for other cultures. Workshop topics include Relationships , Chastity, Alcohol, Drugs and Politics.

Aswel as belonging to IWAN, Simin is an honorary member of the Assoc of Diplomatic Spouses having supported them for the last 10 years in their fundraising efforts.  Simin loves the diversity, energy and the warmth and friendliness of IWAN members and loves that a group of Women are able to come together to have fun, offer support and help various causes in the process.