Lilian was born in Denmark, but left there in 1969 bound for Durban. She lived on a farm near Otavi in the then South West Africa, and then in Port Elizabeth where she did lots of charity work. They moved to Jacobsdal (near Kimberley) in RSA where she and her husband farmed sheep. Later, moving back to PE and then to Windhoek! She's been here quite a few years but has enjoyed all her moves, saying that they were all good experiences.
Lilian met her husband Herman, though mutual friends in PE. He keeps himself very busy doing contract work, does one ever retire? She also has three children, Micheal, Lars and Hugo.

Lilian joined what was then the Corona, a British Womens group here in Namibia, it later became IWAN.

Lilian sells Honey products, jewellery , handbags and make up. She runs our Charity sections with much precision . Lilian thank you for your dedication to this cause, we are most grateful for your loyalty and hard work done under IWAN's banner. She is also a keen crafter, sews quite alot and has a lovely garden and is well known for her fabulous cheesecake ! Wonderful to have such a dedicated member on our committee and part of our association.