Karin Stonehouse was born in South Africa and raised in Lesotho until she moved to Cape Town in 1975 to start her General Nursing training (despite initially wanting to be a teacher!) and eventually specialised in Midwifery. She worked at the Grooteshuur until 2002 when she left South Africa to come to Namibia with her family. Mother to two children, Alexandra (16) and Georgia (13) and married to Tim who is part of the off shore mining arm of De Beers, Karin has been in Namibia for 7 years.

Karin has always been very much involved with her children’s education at all levels and for the last 4 years has held the post of Chair for the Parent Teachers Assoc at the Windhoek International School.  This is a very busy post, that she is 100% committed to and certainly keeps her occupied ! She likes that it means she always knows what’s going on at the school and until recently she also worked in the classroom with the children, helping them with their schoolwork.

Karin loves reading and is a regular at the IWAN book sale. She also often helps out in the kitchen at IWAN Bio Markets as one of our Brotchen making specialists ! She also loves Hiking and Camping – Bondu bashing style ! – and traveling in general, extensively in Namibia.  In fact, Karin & Tim enjoy living here so much that they have applied for Permanent Residency !

Karin was cajoled to her first IWAN meeting as she initially felt that IWAN wasn’t something that she’d be interested in – but how wrong can you be !! She thoroughly enjoyed her first meeting and now really likes to be able to welcome newcomers and loves the mix of people that we have in IWAN, which means that she gets to socialize not just with ‘school’ people !

Thanks for all your help & support Karin.