Emmerentia de Meyer hails from Pretoria, South Africa. Born in Somerset West, daughter to a minister, her mother moved her family to Kimberley after her father died, where Emmerentia stayed until the end of High School. She went on to Pretoria to study, securing a Secretarial Diploma and started work at the University of South Africa, where after a number of roles, she was PA to the Executive Director of the Human Resources Department. By the time she left UNISA to move to Namibia, she had worked there for 26 years!!!

Married to Johann, who works in IT at Gijima Ast here in Windhoek, she has two stepchildren, Oeloff ,who lives and works in Canada and Jore, who lives in SA and has recently given birth to a baby girl, making Emmie and Johann grandparents!

Emmerentia has lived in Namibia now for 3 years and is enjoying the lifestyle very much. She & Johann love camping and have explored Namibia extensively, also Botswana, Lesotho Zimbabwe and South Africa. The extra time that she has, being unable to work, she has put to good use and has learnt to play golf, which provides a little exercise and is something that she is looking forward to enjoying well into her retirement ! Emmie also plays tennis regularly and enjoys cycling, competing in several of the cycle challenges in Namibia over the last couple of years. She is also a Master Scuba Diver .An important part of her life is her faith. Raised in a Christian home she was quite the rebel child yet always interested in her spiritual growth. She went along with a friend to a church one day and joined a programme called a ‘Purpose driven life’ and found the something that filled a need & made her feel complete. She describes her faith as the ‘most adventurous road she has ever taken’ and is a regular at the ‘Prayer Warriers’ and Bible study groups.

Emmerentia has been a member of IWAN for 3 years and loves practicing her English and the ‘Cosmopolitan vibe’ of the group. She also loves being part of the social activities that we organize.

Thanks for your support Emmie !