Desiree was born in South Africa. She grew up there and studied Textile design at Pretoria Tech. She and her husband Johann have been in Namibia for around 2 years. She has two children, a son, Dayle and a daughter, Le-Anne.

Desiree has lived all over SA as she moved often to accompany her husband. She also lived in Malawi - Lilongwe and Blantyre for 8 years. In Malawi she taught Art at the International School for 5 years. She was Chairlady of the fund raising committee for the school's art department. She was also Chairlady of the Art group, a group of practising artists who develop artists and crafters who were disadvantaged. Desiree has also driven an old Scottish ambulance in Malawi as part of the Round Table Blood Group, a group of women who would go and and get people to donate blood.

She has studied aromatherapy, Reiki, NLP and Numerology and has given many talks surrounding these subjects. She enjoys painting and crafting and has travelled extensively: Peru / Zanzibar / USA / Europe and the Middle East and various countries in Africa and Australia.

She joined IWAN to interact with other women: she values the sisterhood and the role of the healer, teacher and intuitive - wise women! Se enjoys charity work and likes to develop friendships with people of different countries. She loves Windhoek's cosmopolitan life.

As our current Chairlady, she's doing a fantastic job!!