Born in Angola, Carla Freitas Pereira moved to Portugal with her family when she was just six years old. One of a family of five, Carla studied History and went into teaching secondary school and adult education specializing in History & Geography. She taught for just two years before changing her career direction and returning to study  - textiles & fabric design - for one year. She then went on to work for textile firms for around 10 years, starting with production and then later into sales for Portugal & Iceland, working with designers on shows.She later moved to Lisbon with Triumph and continued in sales, to department stores & boutiques that stocked the lingerie range.

Married to Miguel, Carla has two children Carlotta (9) and Riogo (12) .

The chance to move to Namibia with her husband’s job at MTC, meant that Carla saw an opportunity to take a break from work to focus on her own family & thus spend more time with her children. Carla and Miguel have been in Namibia for two years and find them selves very happy here. Their children take part in lots of extra curricular activities and Carla has a role on the PTA Welcome Committee at the International School which she enjoys. She also found herself fortunate enough to help as a relief teacher for a short time at the school teaching Portuguese.

Carla enjoys running, swimming, cooking & traveling and is enjoying maximizing her time within the community and her family. She last year completed studies at UNAM in English at an advanced level and passed with flying colours ! Having just returned from a re-energising holiday in Portugal with friends & family, she is now contemplating further studies in Marketing !

Introduced to IWAN by Eloisa, Carla enjoys the social activities & meeting people. She will also recently hosted as part of the IWAN Progressive / Safari Dinner so thank you very much Carla !!