Born ‘below the sea level’ in Noordoostpolder, raised in Flevoland, the Netherlands and married to Sjaak, Anita has been in Windhoek for 9 months, accompanying her husband who is working for the European Commission.

Anita studied at the University of Utrecht gaining a masters degree in Educational Sciences and before moving to Windhoek was principal of a Community Primary school in the Netherlands for many years. Unable to work in Namibia she started volunteer work at the Resource Centre in Katutura as successor to Marlou, and has enjoyed continuing the set up of the Centre.

It is the first time that she really has lived abroad, but commuted weekends by train from Alkmaar to Brussels for the last five years, spending some of those in Brussels where her husband worked and others at Alkmaar close to the coast, where she worked at school. After five years ‘living apart together’ Namibia became a new inspiration!

Anita enjoys meeting people of different nationalities, working in her garden, cooking at home for guests from oversees, reading magazines, books and maps, hiking the Fish River Canon, cycling on her mountain bike with Emmerentia early in the morning, helping at the Bio market, travelling around this beautiful country with family and friends and indulges her passion for interior design as often as possible after having studied the subject last year at the Artemis in Amsterdam.

Anita has been the vice chairlady of IWAN since January 2009 and has stepped in admirably while Desiree was recently in SA. She is very heavily involved with the charity work that IWAN supports and recently made the trip with Lilian visiting all the projects in Katutura. She has also read information about community work, joined the inauguration of Mount Sinai and went recently to the AGM of Clash. She also supports the Resource Centre together with the school team and the assistance from IWAN volunteers Lorraine, Sue, Christina, Lara, Siobhan, Penny, Dee, Teresita and Emmerentia. Anita’s dream is to make this facility a real resource centre. A place where children can go after school to learn and play, but she appreciates that it needs support from the local community. Anita realizes that expats come and go and a place like this can be only survive if the local people can run this on their own. She is happy that she has time for it however, as she will be in Namibia for at least three years.

Anita is very appreciative of the ladies of IWAN who are very generous and offer their talents and support to the whole group. (What a wonderful bunch you are !) Anita hopes that we continue to give each other opportunities and challenges to realize the things that we are good at. She has been an IWAN member now for five months and understands that IWAN as an organisation, offers everyone this challenge and possibility!

Thank you for all your help and support Anita !