About IWAN

The International Women’s Association – Namibia (IWAN) is a social organisation for women living in Namibia, mainly in the capital of Windhoek. It is a non-profit, non-religious, apolitical association, which aims to support and welcome all new arrivals to Namibia and to help various charitable groups. Women of all nationalities are eligible to join the Association, including, of course, our host country!

IWAN meets once weekly from 10am, usually at the home of one of our members, but also at various interesting venues in and around Windhoek.


  • To support and welcome new women residents in Namibia
  • To improve living standards and support vulnerable people in Namibia, in particular women and children.


  • Come from a range of 19 different countries and speak a multitude of languages!
  • Are incredibly talented and turn their hands to painting, mosaic work & decoupage, to name a few.
  • Are very sociable. Participating and organising skittles nights, dinner dances, Bio markets, sightseeing tours, book sales, quiz nights & even pole dancing!  Some for fun, most as fundraisers for the various charities that we support.
  • Believe in giving back. We have painted a home for orphans, have members that act as volunteer education assistants at a Resource Centre in Katatura, one of our members acts as a mentor for the Matukondjo Dolls project that make anthroposofical rag dolls and another is involved in the Mother Bear Project.
  • Make Time. Our Charity Project Manager is assisted weekly by various IWAN members delivering fruit, vegetables & yoghurt to those less fortunate throughout the year.

    Contact us at: info@iwan.com.na